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Happy Easter

We here at Rock Soldiers for Wounded Warriors want to wish all our Nation's Heroes and all our Service Men and Women and thier families both a very safe and Blessed Easter and God Bless!


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Welcome to Rock Soldiers for Wounded Warriors, Inc.  Our Mission is "Honor and Meet the Needs of Wounded Warriors of ALL Generations, Remembering, Our Heroes Will NEVER Be Forgotten!"  We are a non-profit 501C-3 foundation and incorporated in the State of Arizona as a non-profit as well.  We are committed to serving Wounded War Veterans of aALL generations that bear both the visible and invisible wounds of wars from burns and amputations, traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, to combat stress, post traumatic stress disorder and depression in Pinal County and the State of Arizona.  We also offer services to Police Officers and Firefighters injured in the line of duty.   We provide THERAPEUTIC RETREATS as often as possible, working with other organizations, foundations and individuals to ensure our Wounded War Veterans and Civil Servents get the most out of each retreat.  We also assist with addaptive equipement and clothing, Employment Reintegration (job placedment, interview skills, resume help, interview cloths and hair cut) and substance abuse help.

    The funds we generate to help our Nation's Heroes are  donations made directly through our web site, fundraising, benefits, auctions, raffles and merchandising.  We have no paid employees so 100% of your donation is used directly to help our Heroes or to generate more money. Everything donated to our foundation is 100% tax deductable. Thank you and God Bless!


   Jerry Boales

Pictured left to right are former Marine 68-70 & Disabled Veteran, CPL Ronnie Smith, Director of Rock Soldiers for Wounded Warriors/Disabled Veteran/former Army 88-90 Jerry Boales, Alice Cooper, former Army 60-66 & Disabled Veteran, Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez, former Marine/Navy 65-90 & Disabled Veteran, Retired POFC Jim Kostek, and former Marine 03-06 & Purple Heart/Disabled Veteran LCPL Gary Rodriguez.

     These Wounded Warriors suffering from either visible or invisible  wounds of war enjoyed a Therapeutic Retreat to see Alice Cooper's "Christmas Pudding, sound check, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and WWII "Salute the Fallen" at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza.  The sound check was provided by Alice Cooper's "Solid Rock" foundation.  Thank you Alice! 

     LCPL Gary Rodriguez was in a 3 vehicle convoy in Iraq in May 04' when his Humvee was hit by an IED.  He had multiple body burns from white phosphurus and spent the next 2 years at Camp Pendleton undergoing surgeries to repair the damage caused from these burns.  He recieved his Purple Heart and was Medically discharged.  He is quoted about his weekend experience as, "Once in a lifetime experience".  It is through your donations that we are able to continue to provide these sevices to our Heroes!


Wounded War Veterans and Wounded War Veterans and "The Saluting Marine"

Wounded War Veterans and "The Saluting Marine" SSGT Tim Chambers

While on our Therapeutic Retreat we were honored to meet the Saluting Marine SSGT Tim Chambers at the WWII "Salute the Fallen" Dedication Cerimony at Wesley Bolin Plaza.  Pictured left to right are Jerry Boales, SSGT Tim Chambers, Palmer Miller, Oscar Rodriguez, Gary Rodriguez and Ronnie Smith.  Cpl. Ronnie Smith was in Vietnam 68-69 as a Marine.  He was under machine gun fire many times and took shrapnal hits to the left arm above the elbow.  He is qouted as saying, "Alice Cooper and what he's doing with these kids is terrific.  He has earned my respect."  Again without your support none of this would be possible.

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MEMORIAL DAY / MAY-27th, 2013

Jerry Boales Founder/Director with Gov. Jan Brewer at the National Memorial Cemetery (above)

Sergent First Class(Unknown) playing Taps

Latest News

The 1st Annual WWP Open Golf Tournament Sept.29th and the WWP Motorcycle Ride Oct 5th, 2013 sponsored by Native Air/Life Net was a great success for our foundation and we would like to thank Native Air and Abe McCann for making us a part of this great event.  Through all of Abe's hard work and dedication at the end of the day our foundation took in nearly $3200.00. That will go a long way in helping our Wounded Warriors here in Arizona.  Also Native Air was Able to donate $7200.00 to the WWP.  Thank you again Abe McCann and Native Air/Life Net and God bless you!  Remember, "Our Heroes Will NEVER Be Forgotten!"


       We started the day at 6:30am greeting all of the Veterans and their Families arriving for the ceremonies to be held at 8:00am. It was such a beautiful feeling to share.   We just want to thank Connie "Gal" & The "Flags of our Fallen" who invited us. They started this 7 years ago and each year it continues to grow.  There were American flags lined up on the corners of N Cave Creek Rd & E Pinnacle Peak Rd with the name of a Fallen Soldier wrapped around each one. Then you had over 160 motorcycles and  over 35 hot rods lined up as well with everyone doing the same thing we were, greeting and thanking our Veterans for their service. You will be able to see the pictures of this event in our gallery.  Around 8:30am I then packed up and went to the Ceremony myself. It truely touched my heart. After the Ceremony Gov. Brewer took time to talk with me about the foundation and we took pictures together. We look forward to making this a annual event with the "Flags of our Fallen".  Remember, "Our Heroes will NEVER Be Forgotten"


May 4th, 2013
Rock Soldiers for Wounded Warriors want to thank Stone Sour for taking the time to meet with myself and Marco Rivas Sotelo, representing the foundation, at 98KUPD's U-Fiesta.  They did a reverse Meet & Greet, and wanted to meet Veterans and Active Duty Service Men & Women.  The band autographed a foundation shirt, the one in my hand, to be raffled off at a future event.  Jim Root, lead guitarist of Stone Sour/Slipknot, donated a Signature Series Fender Guitar to the foundation to be raffled/auction off.  We hope it arrives prior to our May 25th Memorial Day weekend benefit to add to our already AWESOME collection of items to be raffled off that day. Corey Taylor, lead singer of Stone Sour/Slipknot, took the time to autograph our foundation car.  Thanks guys. We appreciate your support!  God Bless!  Look forward to seeing you again.  May God be with you in Japan!

May 20, 2013:  On behalf of Rock Soldiers for Wounded Warriors, I just want to say thanks to the Flagstaff crowd that came out in support of our foundation and KISS Alive. YOU truly were a great crowd. Thank you for all the kind words, support and donations given for our Wounded Warriors. We met a lot of nice people and look forward to seeing you in the near future. Remember, "Our Heroes Will NEVER be Forgotten." God Bless and Rock On!


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